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Also see Trans Equals Gay for common misconceptions.

Ambiguous Gender Identity is a trope for characters who may or may not be transgender.

Despite the trope name, it is very important to note that the currently preferred term in English is transgender, not transsexual.

The language around trans discourse changes very rapidly, due to being de-pathologised and re-written by trans people themselves instead of by outside onlookers.

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Also contrast Easy Sex Change; though it has at least a of realism, it minimizes or ignores many physical, psychological, and/or social complications of sex change.

Sometimes, two different actors are used before and after the transition.

Contrast Gender Bender, which is a trope about characters changing to another sex through magic or Applied Phlebotinum.

Trans women are more common in media than trans men, whose existence is largely ignored by the mainstream despite statistically being equally common in Real Life.

When a Baleful Polymorph causes characters to get transformed into another sex though, it's almost always male characters getting stuck with female bodies — in other words, trans men.

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Transgender people aren't a new group; their existence has been documented throughout history, but they're typically discriminated against in their respective societies, which clouds their visibility.

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